Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Double Take

Fool me once....
During Week Five, the library hosted Picture Day. Awesome. I finally got the chance to see all 400 kids in one day. Dreams really can come true. Anyway, it was Kindergarten's turn for pictures and I was trying to keep the kids who were done occupied while they waited. This is when I noticed that one of my favorite Kindergartner's, M, was sitting next to another student who looked exactly like her. Dumbfounded, I blurted out, "You look alike." They looked back at me and said with deadpan sass, "We're twins, " like I was the biggest idiot they'd ever met. Which is probably true.

Fool me twice....
On Wednesdays I have 4 sections of Preschool that come for 15 minutes each. In the morning, Miss J brings one class at 8:35 and Miss M brings another class at 8:50. For the first 5 weeks of school I noticed that one boy, K, was coming for Miss J's class at 8:35 and then visiting again with Miss M's class at 8:50. During Week 6, I noticed that Miss M was referring to this child as D. I also noticed that when K visited my class at 8:35 his face and clothing were covered with food, but he was spotless at 8:50. Confusion set in, but don't worry folks, I have a Masters degree. For the last seven weeks, identical twins K and D had been visiting the library. One at 8:35 and one at 8:50.

Fool me three times...and you can call me an asshole.
My EA was gone last Friday so I had to do checkout for all three sections of Third Grade. 302 went off without a hitch and it was time for 303. I'm breezing through checkout and look up at the next student to get her name, only to realize I have already checked this student's books out. I tell her so. She tells me that I must be thinking of her twin sister in 302. This was Week 7.

Final Verdict: I'm an idiot. And twins are creepy.

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  1. Twins ARE creepy. I have two Jamaican students that I also confuse with each other. They aren't twins, but they are both Jamaican.