Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teaching With a Hangover

Last night I was invited to Ladies Night at a local drinking establishment.  I tried to be a responsible adult, but cheap alcohol is my kryptonite.  Plus, who said responsible adults can't drink on a work night? Pat O'Brien does.  Anyway, after deciding that responsibility isn't really my thing,  I enjoyed one (or 5) too many glasses of $2 wine. To put it mildly, Miss G was not really on her game this morning.  Attempting reader's theater with 2nd graders while suffering from a severe wine headache will never end well.  Despite all of this, there were some bright spots in my day...

I was helping a student find a library book when I heard a quiet little voice behind me say, "I like your skinny jeans." Guess who.  J! My skinny jean wearing dancer!

I showed a 5th grade girl a collection of scary stories I thought she'd enjoy.  The cover featured a creepy, zombie-like woman that admittedly gave me the heebie jeebies.  "Have you ever seen Crybaby?", she asked.  This is the part where I turned into a 15 year old Valley Girl.  "Like, with Johnny Depp? Oh my god! I love that movie!", I shouted at her.  She seemed a little startled by my outburst but also shared my love for a young, singing Johnny.  She brought it up because she thought the lady on the cover looked like Hatchet-face.  Um, I love her.  Unbeknownst to her, this student is now my new best friend.  She's clearly much cooler than the rest of her class.

One of my favorite 5th graders, S, visited the library today.  S, part of a refugee family from Africa, is incredibly sweet and soft spoken.  Today he was the last one into the library and stopped at the desk to talk to me.  Handing me a paperback copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, S told me that he'd like to donate it to the library since I always run out of copies.  My heart literally melted.  S (and many of the kids at school) have so little, but he gave what he did have so generously.  Unfortunately, S will probably never donate a book to me again because I proceeded to embarrass the hell out of him.  When I announced S's donation and gave him a big pat on the back, you could tell he wanted to Alex Mack right out of my library as quickly as possible.

Although I survived, Ladies Night may have to be least for a few weeks.

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  1. $2 glasses of wine??? I know another book-related educator that likes the sound of this...