Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Totally Sick


I've been suffering from a head cold that comes and goes.  It seems to be entirely dependent upon the weather and which class I've been in contact with lately.  It's weird and I'm over it.  I shared this news with our school social worker today and she told me that she had strep throat 5 TIMES during her first year at my school.  5 TIMES!!!

After this good news, I learned that there is a head lice outbreak going on at school.  I was also informed that this is an ongoing issue and I should be cautious throughout the year.  Luckily, kids primarily get head lice.  Even more fortunate for me is that I had head lice multiple times as a child.  This is a war I'm prepared to fight.  

But what really made this day "totally sick" was the colossal sneeze I witnessed while observing at another library.  I was talking to a 1st grade girl about her book choices when she got that sneezy look on her face.  After 9 weeks spent in an elementary school, I knew this was my cue to step back.  Gross things were about to happen. The sneeze itself seemed harmless, but the snot that followed was astonishing.  It was like something from a horror movie.  So staggering was the snot hanging from this poor girl's nose, that I became frozen in awe.  I didn't know whether to vomit or faint.  Neither of these choices seemed acceptable so I shouted, "Honey, you need a Kleenex".  However, this was not my library so I had no idea where said Kleenexes could be.  So I did what any responsible adult would do...I passed her off to an adult more responsible than me.

Although my MLIS program prepared me for most library and information emergencies, I do not remember the class on surviving a cesspool of disease.  I just hope I make it out alive. 

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