Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The BSC is back!!!

This fall I was budgeted $2000 in order to purchase new books for the library.  So what was it like purchasing $2000 worth of books, you ask?  Heavenly.  But also a little harder than I thought.  I have to make sure I'm purchasing books that support the curriculum, fill holes in our collection, and represent the wants and needs of the students.  It was challenging, exciting, fun, overwhelming...well, you get the point.

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new books and today was the big day.  I was like a kid (or really just like me) on Christmas as I pulled each new book out of the box.  They were so shiny! And they smell good! I LOVE NEW BOOKS!! Although I was excited about every book (even the boring one about Ponce De Leon), there were two titles that really took the cake.  Get ready...

The Babysitter's Club!!! As a graphic novel!!!

Doesn't Mary Anne look more Asian than Claudia? And I'm kind of disappointed in Claudia's outfit.  She looks like an Avril Lavigne wannabe.  Not impressed.

Yes, you've heard right.  The BSC series has been updated and rewritten in graphic novel form.  I am...I mean Lowell Library, is now the proud owner of Kristy's Great Idea and The Truth about Stacey (10 points if you remember what the truth about Stacey really is).  I alreay started reading Kristy's Great Idea over my lunch hour and can't wait to discover if Mary Anne is as nerdy as she used to be, if Logan is as hot as I always imagined, and if Claudia Kishi is still the coolest dresser in Stoneybrook.

The original cover...just for fun.


  1. I love love loved the Babysitters Club when I was growing up. Thanks for bringing up this blast from the past!

  2. Isn't the "truth" about Stacey that she's diabetic??? Man, and I thought Degrassi "went there". BSC takes it to a whole new level!

    This is Amy Eckert by the way, and Jackie will be super psyched to know you got those books. She was in a Scholastic book club that sent her 3 new BSC books a month, so she had all 113 of them. And yes, I was jealous.

  3. Yes, Stacey is diabetic!I loooved BSC!

  4. You both win!! First of all, I'm incredibly jealous that Jackie was part of the Scholatic BSC club. What I didn't receive as hand me down from my cousin were borrowed from the public library. I would have given anything to own every copy. Especially all of the Super Specials because those were clearly the best. Personal favorites include BSC Super Special #2, when the club members were CITs (counselors in training) at Camp Mohawk, and Super Special #6 New York, New York!, when the club visits NYC for 2 weeks. The latter definitely sparked a lifelong fascination with NYC and a majority of my preconceived notions about the city can be traced back to this book. I was completely obsessed.

    Also, as I was rereading the first book last week I realized how immature the girls seem. They are definitely capable of babysitting the children of Stonybrook, but they are pretty boring. No wonder I moved on to Sweet Valley High so quickly. Now there are some bitches who "went there"!