Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

In honor of Election Day, the 1st graders and I had our own election.  I started by reading them the book "Duck for President" by Doreen Cronin.  In the book, Duck gets sick of doing all of the chores that Farmer Brown gives him so decides to run for Farmer.  He wins the farmyard election and eventually runs for Governor and President.  It's an adorable book with humor for kids and adults.

After the story I told the kids we were going to have our own election between Farmer Brown and Duck.  Before we voted we talked about the characteristics of a good candidate.  First graders thought a good candidate should be responsible (their word!), nice, and respectful.  One first grader also thought a good candidate would give you their ice cream if you didn't have any.  I agree.  After we had decided on the traits of a good candidate I let the kids vote one at a time at the voting table.  I even made a red and blue ballot box.  The kids took their decision very seriously and it was hilarious to watch them.

Well, in a close race, Farmer Brown won our election.  I asked people who voted for Farmer Brown to share why they chose him and A's answer was my favorite.

"I voted for Farmer Brown because ducks can't talk and they can't wear clothes and they don't have feet so they can't be president."

All valid concerns and maybe something you should consider next time you vote.

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  1. I love your job and your blog, and I want to be in first grade!!