Thursday, November 11, 2010


In my opinion, hugs are just about the best way to show how much you appreciate, value, and care about someone.  As you hug you can literally feel your heart growing larger and larger, like the Grinch.  Luckily for me, since becoming a librarian, hugs have become a common occurrence in my life.  At least once a day a student wraps their arms around my waist for a big squeeze and I get a big ol' reminder about why I love my job.

The other day I was leaving the playground after my recess duty and I was hug bombed by a Kindergartner named A.  As I said, hugs are pretty common at school, but this hug was from a boy who spends most of his time acting like I'm the meanest teacher in school.  He's stinking adorable but is constantly disrupting library class which means I have to constantly send him to the "Take a Break" chair or have serious talks about his behavior.  So, you can understand my surprise to find his skinny arms squeezing my waist.  I was so shocked I said, "A, you like me today?!"  He just laughed and ran away.

I mentioned the story to my assistant and she said, "You always get hugs from the kids who need them the most".  The hugs were wonderful before, but now I love them even more.

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