Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huzzah! (Or "Congratulations!" for non-Pilgrim speakers)

On Tuesday I also had to teach two sections of 2nd grade.  I knew I wanted to do a Thanksgiving themed lesson and began scouring the Internet for ideas.  I immediately found the website for the Plimoth Plantation (yes, this is spelled correctly), a living museum in Plymoth, Mass. that depicts what life was like for the Pilgrims living in the Plymouth Colony.  From what I gathered, it's like a poor man's Colonial Williamsburg (which I still dream of visiting).  Anyway, the coolest part of the website was a page that teaches you how to talk like a Pilgrim.  I think the student's were under the impression that Pilgrims talked exactly like us, so they were a little shocked when I played Old English equivalents of modern words.  The lesson was a success and it made my day to hear 2nd graders greeting each other with things like "Good Morrow" and "Huzzah!".  Plus, it was incredibly beneficial for me.  My mom was disappointed when I was unable to speak Spanish with the locals during our trip to Mexico last summer, despite 7 years of clases de espanol (Ha! Eat it Mom!).  However, after careful study of, I could definitely maneuver us safely around the Plimoth Plantation.

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  1. I've been to Plymouth, Mass. and I've seen the Plymouth rock!! I was unaware of the dialect, however. No wonder I didn't fit in. Happy Thanksgiving!!