Monday, December 6, 2010

"Left and right and zack-a-ree zoo, here's a story just for you!"

Once Upon a Time

I remember watching this show in Kindergarten and thinking that being a librarian must be a pretty sweet gig.  Marion was being held captive by a creepy witch who quite possibly harbored romantic feelings for her (Kerfumbly is a total B), but she still managed to put on a smile and appear fairly excited about books.  Although, I'd be pretty excited too if I got to use that awesome book machine.  Unfortunately,  those are not standard issue at most libraries.  However, despite the lack of a book machine Kindergarten Me was right, being a librarian is a pretty sweet gig.  

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  1. THIS MY FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME!!! "Global Guts" has nothing on "Once Upon a Time"!!!