Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penguins in Love

I have been discussing the difference between fiction and non-fiction with Kindergartners for most of the year, but they are currently studying it with their teachers so I thought review would be good.

I shared with them that I'd watched the movie "Happy Feet" over break and now I wanted to know more facts and information about penguins.  We discussed which kind of book, fiction or non-fiction, would give me facts and information about penguins and decided that non-fiction was going to be my best choice.  (They are so stinkin' smart!)

Next, we completed a KWL chart to see what we know (K) about penguins, what we want to know about penguins (W), and what we ultimately learned about penguins (L).  KWL charts are the simplest things, but the kids LOVE them.  So anyway, the kids are telling me everything they know about penguins (which is a lot) and sharing some of the things they'd like to know.

Most of the responses are pretty normal: "Where do they live?", "What do they eat?", "How fast can they swim?" However, my favorite response came from D.  D is a loose cannon, to put it lightly.  On the first day of library he had an epic meltdown and had to be carried out by our behavior specialist because I asked him to sit in a circle.  Yeah.  When he's not possessed by Satan he's the sweetest dude in library.  On a typical day I can't see him without getting a hug.

So it's D's turn to tell the class what he'd like to know about penguins.  I'm admittedly a little nervous because I never know what I'm going to get with D.  However, I'm pleasantly surprised.  "Do penguins fall in love?", asks D.  All of the Kindergartners giggled and my heart melted a little.  I was happy to report that penguins do fall in love.  Forever.  Although my explanation got a little weird.

"Most mommy animals pick lots of daddies to have babies with. (Kind of like some human mommies. Whoops.) But penguin mommies pick one daddy and stay with him forever".   After I finished, D sighed and said, "They love each other." D apparently loves me too because he insisted on a hug and a kiss before he left.

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