Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Age Is Just a Number

Today it became impossible to forget that I turned another year older last month with reminders like this from my students:

2nd grader: "Teacher, can you fix my book? It's falling apart. I think it's old. "

Me: (after inspecting said book) Yeah, we have had this book for awhile.  It was published in 1984."

2nd grader: (looking at me with big eyes) Wow. It IS old!

The Matchmaker

1st grader: "Mrs. Gibbs! Are you married?"

Me: "No I'm not.  Is that all you wanted to know?"

1st grader: "Well, how old are you? Are you older than 16?"

Me: "Yes, I'm older than 16. Do I look 16? I just turned 26."

1st grader: "Well, you can get married if you're 18. Are you 18?"

Me: "I am older than 18, but I'm not getting married."

1st grader: (pointing at male student teacher) "He's 18. He could get married too. (to student teacher) Mrs. Gibbs is 18.  She could get married like you."

I just need to remind myself that everyone seems old when you're 7 and three feet tall.

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