Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Oh My Gosh, This Book is So Good!!"

I decided that my blog would be a good forum for my book recommendations.  Better than say, eavesdropping on conversations at school until someone mentions the word book, thus allowing me to take over the conversation with a review of my new favorite book.  Plus, people often ask me for recommendations and I get flustered and am unable to think of anything despite the fact that I read one or two books a week.  Big librarian fail.  So, I'm hoping that by posting my latest reads on here I'll a) have an appropriate venue for sharing book recommendations and b) have a written record of good stuff I've read so I don't look like the world's worst librarian when people ask for advice.  All of these blog entries will be entitled "Oh My Gosh, This Book is So Good!!!"  because this is usually how I begin all of my recommendations at school.

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