Tuesday, April 26, 2011



This a word I've been using a lot the past few years as my friends and family celebrate exciting milestones in their lives: graduations, engagements, new jobs, new babies, new journeys.  All of these milestones are exhilarating and deserve recognition, but like the word "love", "congratulations" can sometimes lose it's sparkle due to overuse.
How you should look and feel when you say "Congratulations!"

What it looks and feels like when "Congratulations!" loses it's sparkle.
Today however, it was reborn.  Through a first grader, not Jesus.  During story time, a little girl lost her tooth.  That stingy Tooth Fairy hasn't left me a dime in twenty years (despite the theft of my wisdom teeth in November), so I forgot the excitement that a lost tooth can elicit amongst six year olds.  Story time took an abrupt intermission as first grader after first grader shared their good wishes with the now front toothless little girl.  The Adorability (I think I made this word up) Level was at a steady six when R (definitely one of my favorites) turns to the little girl and says, with such genuine excitement and sentiment, "Congratulations!" Adorability Level: Off the charts.

Milestones come at all ages.  I just need to remind myself to be as genuinely enthusiastic about the big ones as I used to be about the little ones.  I'm allowing "congratulations" back into my vocabulary, but only if I say it with as much meaning as R.

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