Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Like many others, my life is currently consumed by the Royal Wedding.  Since Friday, the amount of time I've dedicated to thinking and talking about Will and Kate is slightly embarrassing.  As I found myself crying during my 20th viewing of the wedding vows during the wee hours of Saturday morning (one too many cocktails may have been involved), I realized very quickly that I had an unhealthy obsession on my hands.  When I later found myself youtubing coverage of not only Princess Diana's funeral, but the Queen Mother's as well, I was able to admit that my obsession may have developed into a full blown addiction.  I vowed to give up my drug and began looking for Royal Wedding support groups.  But as any addict knows, that's not easy.  Especially after the media released this.  The next thing I know it's 1:00 am and I'm tearfully watching Kate and Will exchange their vows again and scouring the Internet for details on the wedding reception.

Fortunately, at least some good has come from all of this.  With only 2 weeks of school left, I've been at a loss when it comes to planning lessons.  Friday was no exception.  Riding high off the excitement of the royal couple's first kiss, I raced to school to prepare a lesson for my third graders.  I even made a Powerpoint presentation about it! (I am blushing from embarrassment as I write this.  Give me a break. It was for the kids!! Mostly.).  The students and I talked about where England is, we discussed Will and Kate (the girls all thought Will was handsome), looked at pictures from the wedding (the first kiss picture made them all blush and giggle), and capped it off with a story about a floating princess.  I had a blast and found the kids were totally into as well, with tons of questions and stories to share. As I finished up the lesson, a little girl sighed and wistfully said, "I wish I could marry a prince."  Don't we all.

In case you haven't seen enough (and if you're like me, you haven't), here's the Royal Wedding in 60 seconds.

Full Disclosure:  As I went to Youtube to update this video, I found that all of the videos recommended to me by Youtube pertained to the Royal Wedding.  Addiction confirmed.  

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