Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Borrowed

In the Summer of 2004, while working at Barnes and Noble, I read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffen.  I read A LOT of books that summer.  One of the perks of working at BN was that you could borrow hardcover copies of books.  You signed them out and left the dust jacket at work in a filing cabinet.  It was wonderful and allowed me to read a ton of new books that I usually wouldn't have bought because of their price.  However, Something Borrowed was definitely Something Special (ha, see what I did there?) I enjoyed it so much that I wrote Ms. Giffen a fan email.  And she replied!! It was my first (but not my last) fan letter to an author and I was so excited to receive a response. Because of this, Ms. Giffen's new books are always must reads for me and she hasn't disappointed since. 

To say I was a little excited for the movie is an understatement.  I watched the trailers weekly and began planning a trip to the theater way too soon in advance.  So, was it everything I dreamed? No.  John Krasinski is adorable and hilarious (as always), the other guy was smoking hot in a young Tom Cruise kind of way (and has strangely visited Bagel Boy), and Kate Hudson was Kate Hudson.  But it definitely wasn't the book.  I think it was my own fault. I've read this book at least 10 times and always get a little choked up at the end.  I didn't feel as emotionally invested in the movie.  Does that mean I'll never watch it again? Hell no.  MW and I compared it to the movie The Wedding Date.  Kind of awful the first time you see it, but after 20 viewings on TBS, it's not so bad (although Debra Messing's hair? terrible EVERY time).  Go see it (if only to drool over attractive men), but then read the book....and all her others.


  1. I'm currently reading this book - so good! I'm a little disappointed to hear about the movie, but I'm sure I'll still see it!

  2. Thank you for putting into words what I have been trying to describe to people about my opinion of "The Wedding Date." for years.

  3. Yeah! Why does Debra Messing look so terrible in that movie?

    Although she wore some weird looks in Will and Grace too, so is that just how she looks???

    amy @ glass confetti

  4. I think she's a pretty person, but her hair is just so awful in that movie. Not only is the color weird, but it also looks really greasy.

    But you're right. She did have some VERY strange looks on Will and Grace. Also, how crazy is it that she was the lead in a romantic comedy? She's pretty off the radar these days.