Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Call It a Comeback

After a long hiatus (I like this word because it makes me feel like a celebrity), I am finally returning to my blog.  I promise I wasn't neglecting you or being lazy (okay, well maybe a little), I was just out of town and on the go.  I spent about 2 weeks working at the College World Series (which could be an entire blog in and of itself) in Omaha and then another week having some family time in northeast South Dakota and western Iowa.  Most importantly, I finally got to meet my adorable little niece and she did not disappoint.  We are definitely bffs.  If you don't believe me, she has a few onesies to prove it (these outfits may or may not have been purchased by me).  Although it seemed like I was super busy, I actually had a ton of time to read.  I was so consumed with reading for a while that I would actually compare it to a bender you'd see on Intervention, but with books instead of crack.  It was kind of amazing and I can't wait to share everything I've read.  Hopefully I inspire a few of you to pick up some titles and you can't have your own little book bender this summer.

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