Tuesday, August 30, 2011

China Buffet

One of my friends at work, AG, was born and raised in Japan, but moved to Sioux Falls to attend college.  Luckily for all of her co-workers, AG decided to stay in Sioux Falls and teach SPED at our school.  She is absolutely adorable, incredibly sweet, and often quite hilarious (sometimes unintentionally).  Last week AG helped with Kindergarten lunch, as I and much of the support staff did during our first week of school.  Lunchtime can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for a 5 year old.  Do you remember the first time you tried to open a milk carton? Me neither, but I imagine it was kind of hard with little fingers that lacked fully developed fine motor skills.  Anyway, AG was wiping tables in her red, school-issued monogrammed polo (I conveniently "lost" mine) when a little boy raised his hand.  Impressed by the fact that a Kindergartner already knew hand-raising etiquette, AG complimented him before eventually asking what it was he needed.  He looked up at her with big, curious eyes and asked, "Are you from China Buffet?"


  1. hahahaha...OMG. I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. That could have been the funniest day of school! I still laugh at that story!!