Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy First Day of School!

Last year on my first day I felt a little like this:

This year I felt a little something like this:

Having the first day of school after a weekend of wedding shenanigans is less than ideal.  Luckily, my excitement for the new school year got me through.  I had a blast seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, helping Kindergartners survive lunch (those milk cartons and ketchup packets are hard!), and introducing a new group of kids to my favorite cat, Pete.  I think the day can best be summed up by Kindergartener E when I asked him if he had a good first day: "It was so fun.  I so bad want to come back tomorrow!"  Me too!

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  1. Yeah! You are back!

    Can't wait to read more adventures from the library!

    amy @ glass confetti