Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today I shared a book about red foxes with a group of 1st graders, which I know sounds boring, but we're learning about non-fiction books.  Anyway, one of the new words we learned was mammals.  I explained that mammals have fur or hair, are warm-blooded, have a backbone, and feed milk to their young.  I then explained that we are actually mammals.  The kids did not believe me, especially since I had just told them that foxes eat small mammals.  So we reviewed the characteristics of a mammal and it went a little something like this:

Me: "Do we have fur or hair?"

1st Graders: "Yes!"

Me:  "Do we have a backbone or spine?"

1st Graders: "Yes!"

Me: "Are we warm-blooded?"

1st Graders: "Uhhhh...."

Me: "Yes!"

1st Graders: "Oh yeah.  Yes!!"

Me: "Do we feed our babies milk?"

1st Graders: "Yes!"

Far Too Informed First Grader: "Yes, but only girls do.  You know because boys can't.  Because girls have-"

Me:  "Alright.  That's enough of that."

Then the absolute best part.  A little girl in the front row looks right at me and says, "Awkward." 

God, they're funny. 


  1. Henry loves to say, "Awwwk-waaard!" all the time. Except most of the time it doesn't make sense. Like when you tell him he needs to turn the tv volume down. Or when we tell him he needs to put on a coat because it's cold outside...

    So...maybe he thinks awkward is the appropriate response for: "Things I Don't Want to Do".

    Also, he loves to share about breast feeding. Right after Teddy was born he shouted across the street to our neighbor that I was, "Using that special machine that gets milk out of her boobs!" So that was awesome.

    All in all, a very relatable post! Thanks Georgie!

  2. Amy- how about this: my 2 yr old son would lift up his shirt and "breastfeed" when playing with dolls. Try explaining that to others!

    That said, I think it's great for children to understand what women's breasts are actually meant for (feeding babies) before being exposed to the unhealthy message from the media that they are sexual objects.

    -Melissa Anne

  3. Amy, I thought it was especially funny because I had just read an article on about "awkward" being the new "random". It's become a catch-all term for anything that is weird or silly. Essentially, people are using incorrectly. Including kids apparently!

    Anyway, glad you liked the story. Your story about Henry shouting to the neighbors was hysterical. Being around kids makes life 10x funnier, but also about 10x more embarrassing.