Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Been Looking in the Wrong Stacks

While doing some very atypical Facebook creeping last week (atypical because I did 20 minutes of creeping instead of 60), I noticed my library friends were very excited about a new calendar.  Odd, because in my opinion, calendars are not something that merit much excitement.  Wrong.  Calendars that feature attractive, male librarians (that are occasionally nude) are definitely worthy of excitement.  Enter The Men of the Stacks 2012 Calendar.  

 Librarian boner!!*  These are real male librarians who work at real libraries (this is huge, considering 72% of librarians are women).  Not my library unfortunately, but it's probably for the best.  I'm fairly certain I'd never get any work done if some of these guys were hanging out at my circulation desk.**  Especially Gabriel, Mr. December (that would be the adorable man brushing his teeth).  Please enjoy, and if you're someone who loves me and buys me Christmas/Birthday presents (aka all of you), you know what to do.

*I'm sorry if I offended anyone by using the word 'boner', especially my father, mother, LW, or my Aunt Suzie.  
**I came up with about 3 sexual innuendos to place here, but edited them out after considering certain members of my audience (see above).  If you'd like to hear them, we could probably arrange something...especially if you're Mr. December. 

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