Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yesterday I was at my wits end with a group of First Graders.  They'd been talking and messing around during my entire class and I was over it.  When their student teacher finally arrived to pick them up, they were still being loud and crazy as they waited in line and any attempts by her to get them ready for the hall were futile.  I'm usually pretty patient, but there was another class waiting for them to shut up and leave, and I was pissed.  So, in my best angry librarian voice (which I rarely use), I said "There are Kindergartners waiting in the hallway and you're setting a terrible example for them.  Not only that, you've wasted 7 minutes of their library time. Turn around and stop talking so you can leave my library."  In addition to my angry librarian voice, I was also using my angry librarian face.  Finally, looking at me with looks of shock and awe, they were quiet.  Well, except for one little smartass who, as soon as I'd finished my speech and had the attention of all the kids says, "Ahhh, boom."  Complete with an exploding bomb hand gesture.  (sigh) There's one in every crowd..


  1. You were the one in that crowd at LaMoure!!! I think it has something to do with genetics.

  2. lol.. kids...

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