Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like Seeing a Dog Walking on It's Hind Legs

The only times in my life I ever feel like a true celebrity, is when I see students outside of school.  They either approach with me excited hugs and questions or they shyly dart glances my way and blush when I give them a wave.  I imagine that George Clooney is used to this kind of behavior.

Even though I often see my students at places like Bagel Boy or Hyvee, they always seem shocked that I've left the library.  "Miss Gibbs! What are you doing here?"  Honestly, most of students seem to truly believe I live in the library, with the exception of one little girl who saw me come out of my garage once this summer and frequently tells me, "I know where you live." Creepy.

In addition to living at the school, they also seem to believe that I arrived on this Earth via spaceship and only hang out with my fellow aliens because I received some hilarious questions this week.

Kindergartner: What are you doing this weekend?
Me: Working at my other job, cleaning my house, and playing with my friends.
Kindergartner: You have friends?!?
(Thus began a 5 minute conversation regarding who my friends could possibly be.  They were especially pleased when I told them I was friends with their teacher, but remained doubtful about the existence of the non-teacher friends I named).

Me: I heard about this book from my mom who teaches 4th grade in Iowa.
2nd Grader (interrupting): You have a mom!?!

I think it would have been more believable had I just told them I was an alien.

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  1. I love your blog, Georgie, which is why I bragged about you on my blog today and passed on the Liebster Award :) Bloggers are supposed to pass the award on to five up-and-coming bloggers. I wrote about the process and bragged about you in my post today. :)