Sunday, May 6, 2012

Miss G: Librarian and Fashion Trendsetter

A few weeks ago, I had my nails done and decided to have two of my fingernails painted a different color than the rest.  I chose to go with a pink theme, fuchsia and bubblegum, and they turned out pretty cute.  I didn't realize I'd be starting a trend at my elementary school.

On Thursday mornings I teach a section of fourth graders that includes some pretty precocious girls.  When I was finished with my lesson and dismissed the kids for check out, one of the girls, K, approached me and grabbed my hand.  "Why are two of your nails painted a different color?", she asked.  "Oh, it's just something people are doing these days.  Do you like it?", I asked.  She assured me she did and went to join her friends at the shelves.

A few minutes later, I was strolling through the shelves, ensuring that kids were finding books and not accosting each other with shelf markers, when I overheard this conversation between K and her friends:

K: "Miss G painted two of her fingernails a different color than the rest."
B: "Why?"
K: "It's what everyone is doing right now. It's really cool."

I was flattered, to say the least, but the following Thursday it got so much better when K rushed into the library to show me her own two toned nails, inspired by me, her ultra trendy librarian.   I'm rarely cool and if I can only be cool amongst 4th grade girls, I'll take it.

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