Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Winter is Coming

About once a year Lewis begs me to become a part of the latest craze sweeping the nation.  Past crazes have included Twilight, The Office, and Hunger Games. I usually try to avoid his coercion techniques for a month or two, not because I'm opposed to said crazes or above them in anyway, but because I'm a person that is easily swept up by crazes.  It's not enough for me to just casually read Twilight.  No, I have to read all of the books in the shortest amount of time possible, see the first movie minutes after finishing the novel, spend my Christmas vacation googling Robert Pattinson, and devote countless hours of conversation and daydreams to the Edward vs. Jacob debate.  For me, crazes become time-consuming, exhausting obsessions and a girl only has so much time in her day. 

Well, I currently have an overabundance of time in my day (unemployment will do that), so I was an easy target for Lewis and his latest craze, Game of Thrones.  I'd been avoiding this one mostly because I'm not really into dragons, magic, and other nerdy things like that.  In fact, I spent most of the Spring semester ridiculing a co-worker for his addiction to all things Game of Thrones.  I owe him a HUGE apology because now I get it.  Since Saturday I've watched Seasons One AND Two, googled all of the actors that play my favorite characters, spent an embarrassing amount of time on the Game of Thrones wiki, called Lewis multiple times to rehash episodes and crazy plot turns (I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED HIM!!) and even entertained thoughts of reading the books upon which the show is based (still haven't decided because they are really long). 

TV is full of reruns and stupid reality shows right now so do yourself a favor and watch Game of Thrones.  You'll be obsessed and I need more people to have Jon Snow vs. Robb Stark conversations with. 


  1. Read the books. Totally worth it. And duh, Jon Snow.

  2. I want to! They are always checked out at the library though, so I might have to bite the bullet and buy them. And yeah, I think I'm leaning towards Jon Snow too. Especially after I saw his doppelganger at the bar.