Monday, December 10, 2012

Hansen's Wash and Fold aka Laundry Heaven

If you've ever lived with me, you know how much I utterly despise doing my laundry.  I will put off laundry for a month at a time, buying new clothes to avoid the hated task even just one or two more days.  It's not that I'm lazy (well, probably a little), it's just extremely difficult to do laundry when you don't own your own washer and dryer.  I mean, no one wants to drag all of their laundry (in my case, at least 50 pounds worth) down two flights of stairs, down the street, watch strangers sort their dirty underwear, drag your clean laundry back up the street, and then back up two flights of stairs.  Oh, and you have to pay to do all of that.  $2.25 a load!! Seriously, I think I just accurately described what Hell will be like.  Or at least Purgatory. 

My nearly 50 pound bag of laundry.
 Well, today I was finally let through to laundry heaven, because I found Hansen's Wash and Fold.  This is how it works.  I put all of my dirty laundry in my giant pink laundry bag (thanks, Aunt Norma!) and load it into my car.  On my way to the office I drop it off at Hansen's (who are actually named Chen) with my favored detergent and they tell me, "Thank you! Come back tonight!".  At 6:30, I picked up my freshly washed, dried, and folded clothes that are wrapped in brown paper and packed neatly in my pink bag.  

There were about 10 articles of clothing and 2 towels folded in this bundle. Amazing.
 Guess how much it cost. Sixty-five cents a pound!! I had a whopping 48 pounds of laundry this week so it cost me $31.50, a total bargain.  It would have cost me nearly as much to do it myself! And they folded it so much better than me.  Seriously, their folding work is a thing of beauty.  Plus, I didn't lose a Sunday in the laundromat giving the stink eye to my neighbors when they try to steal my dryer.  "Get away from my dryer!! And stop looking at my underwear, weirdo!"

Someday, hopefully soon, I will own my very own washer and dryer that is ideally located steps from my bedroom and allows me to do free laundry on a much more regular basis.  Until then, I have Hansen's Wash and Fold, which earned itself a very loyal customer today. 

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