Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh My God. Obsessed: The Only Way is Essex

In addition to "What'chu Readin', Girl?", I've decided to do another regular post called, "Oh My God. Obsessed". I quite regulary come across a new tv show, person, food, or hobby that completely consumes my life. During this time, all of my thoughts, dreams, and Google searches revolve around my newest passion. Past obsessions include knitting, scrapbooking, Noosa yogurt, vegetarianism, Game of Thrones, and Michael Fassbender. Generally, these obsessions last about two to three weeks, but in special cases have spanned months or even years like the Royal Family, Elvis, the Kennedys, The West Wing, Steel Magnolias, Robyn, Friday Night Lights and Leonardo Dicaprio. I'm going to use "Oh My God. Obsessed" to tell you all about the latest thing that has me actin' a fool.

On Saturday night, as I was trying to convince a girl to watch Downton Abbey with all of the fervor of a Mormon missionary, my friend interrupted to insist that I watch The Only Way is Essex on Hulu. Sunday, with little to do and a pounding headache (wonder where that came from), I camped out in bed for a mini marathon. And it was good. It was so good!

The Only Way is Essex is a reality television show from Britain and it puts all of our trashy reality shows to shame. As I told my BFF, it would be like if Brody Jenner from The Hills/Kings of Malibu married J.Wow from Jersey Shore, had a baby and raised it in England, specifically Essex, which is apparently the New Jersey or Orange County of England. Amazing, right?

Admittedly, I didn't know what they were saying for the first couple of episodes, but you get used to it by episode three or so. Also, they film just a few days before each episode airs, so you get to watch them react on camera to crazy drama that happened in the last episode. Oh my gosh, just hurry up and watch it so we can talk all about the crazy!

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